Serving Southeast Connecticut and Rhode Island for over thirty years.
567 Colman Street New London, CT  | Phone: 860-442-4575  | Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 8:30am - 5:00pm
•       Rental rates are quoted for a 3-day period or weekend. Rates for longer periods
can be quoted upon request.
•       Prices are subject to change without notice.
•       All quotes are valid for 15 days.

•       50% deposit is required on all rentals over $100 to confirm a reservation and
remainder of balance is due 10 days before reservation date.
•       Payment can be made via credit card, check, or cash.
•       All check and cash payments require ID

•       A required 10% Damage Waiver Fee is charged on all rentals. The Damage
Waiver Fee is non-refundable and cannot be waived. Damage Waiver Fee covers
rental items that have minor damage due to accidental breakage. The customer is
responsible for any missing or damaged equipment. Damage Waiver does not cover
equipment that has been damaged due to neglect.

•       Orders cancelled day before, day of or at time of delivery are non-refundable.
•       Deposits are refunded if cancellation is 30 days prior to the event.
•       Credit is not given for any unused items.

•       Orders are prepared 3 days prior to delivery/pickup date.
•       A50% restocking fee (per piece) may apply if counts are reduced 3 days or less
before delivery/pickup date.
•       Rental Reducing counts on rental items must be given 3 days before reservation
date or a 50% restocking fee (per piece) may apply.
•      Linen orders are confirmed 2 weeks prior to delivery/pickup date.
•      Reducing counts, canceling or adding to orders may require added fees.

•       Delivery & pickup charges are quoted as a round-trip fee. Charges are based on
time and location.
•       Regular delivery & pickup Hours are 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
•       All deliveries/pickups must be given a 4 hour minimum time frame in which to
arrive (unless otherwise coordinated).
•       All delivery/pickup is made to a single location, ground floor, tent or backyard
(unless previously arranged and billed).
•       Delivery & pickup that need to be transported in an elevator or up stairs will
require an added fee.
•       Additional fees will be added for delivery & pickup outside of regular hours such
as Specific Time, Early Morning, Late Night, Sundays or Holidays.
•       Delivery locations must be within 100 feet of the accessible truck or additional
fees will apply.
•       It is the responsibility of the rental to inform Arrow Paper of delivery obstacles,
such as pre-authorized admittance to military base or corporate buildings, driveways
not accessible for a truck, narrow doorways or small elevators.  Arrow Paper is not
responsible if equipment cannot be loaded onto a location due to obstacles.
•       Additional fees will be added to deliveries that need to be sent via Ferry/Boat or
for long security authorization procedures.
•       All equipment must be returned to the place of delivery.

•       For an added fee; Setup & Breakdown of chairs and tables is available with
advanced scheduling (not offered during busy seasons). Labor fees are quoted based
upon the scope of the project.
•       If labor for installation is scheduled, additional fees will be added if the space is
not made available for setup or breakdown at the date scheduled or changes are
made onsite.
•       Upon Delivery if site labor is required an additional fee will be calculated and
entered as TBD until site visits and logistics can be determined.

•       China, glassware, flatware and cooking equipment must have food and liquids
removed before returning.  Glassware must be placed in same manor they were
delivered: stems up, rims down.
•       All linen should be placed in the provided laundry bags and should be free of
debris such as food or confetti. Do not launder linens.
•       Items returned excessively dirty will be charged a cleaning fee (based on amount
of labor needed to clean items)